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Where technology, swimming / sport and open-source ways can meet.

St. Pats Day Sale

St. Pat’s Day and NCAA’s March Madness

Living Examples of the Free & Open PhilosophyWho Owns St. Pat's Day?In

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Steve West at the beach in a Ducks sweater

Project Insight is officially partnering with the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks. Way to go Steve.

Steve West's company has a project software product that is now in

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Gif vs Jif

GIF, PNG, and Peanut Butter

Meme vs. GifThanks, Dave, #dfabwordoftheday, #OKBoomerA meme (MEEM) is an idea, behavior,

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Village Compass Bundle logo

Online learning tidbits

These blurbs are not new. Old-school insights. Online philosophy course Montreal’s College

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screaming at alexa

Twitter pulls the plug on The Donald and other things crumble too

Trump's Twitter Account was@realDonaldTrump The rise of Donald Trump’s political career and

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Alan's app in LiveCode

Way to go Alan for the release of your first LiveCode app!

Do you do windows?Slightly excited that my first iOS app has just

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